Project Management Principles and Tools

PMP Certification Exam Preparation Course

Discover the strategic role of projects, tools and techniques for planning and scheduling,  organization and managerial styles to improve success. 

  • Course Description: This course provides techniques to build a culture of project management excellence, tools to measure company progress and a set of priorities for improvement actions.
  • Target Students:  Students enrolling in this course should be planning to lead a project (primary audience) or serve on a project team (secondary audience);
  • Delivery Method:  Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom- delivery learning model with structured minds-on and hands-on activities;
  • Benefits:  Students will learn how to use project management techniques to plan, organize, control, document, and close out their projects successfully and with minimum risk;
  • Performance-Based Course Objectives ( based on PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition) :
    • Discuss the phases of the Project Management Life Cycle and a project manager’s role in each phase.
    • List and discuss basic project success criteria and common reasons for project failure.
    • Discuss techniques for setting up a strong project team.
    • List and discuss elements of a Risk Management Plan.
    • Discuss techniques for planning and sequencing project activities, including the Work Breakdown Structure and the Network Logic Diagram.
    • Identify the Critical Path for completing a project on schedule.
    • List and discuss the cost elements that should be included in a project budget.
    • Discuss techniques for controlling for deviation from budgets and schedules.
    • Discuss key elements of project management communications and reporting tools.
    • Discuss key activities of project close – out.
    • Microsoft Project  – Standard, Professional, Server editions – How to Build a Project Plan, Resources, Costing, Multiple   Projects, Tracking Progress, Tables, Views, Security, Enterprise Administration.
  • Trainer:  Angela Dobrea, MCT, PMP Certified Instructor with 15 years of PMP certification training experience
  • Course Duration: 5 days
  • Course Achievements: 35 PDUs/contact hours (mandatory condition to apply for PMP Exam)